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With this concept of Accidental Gehenna, it would be very easy to tell a gritty and dark story about skeletons wrecking horrible vengeance in a gory, spooky edgefest. But Accidental Gehenna has always been a story of old wounds, memories, and the pain, as well as peace, that comes from aiding others, accepting that you are more than the failures of the past, and learning to heal for yourself. Fully realized characters from fantastical settings fighting and adventuring through a dangerous world of ancient legends, dark curses, and great betrayals, but helping themselves and others find hope as individuals.


Basically, spooky scary skeletons teaching audiences through a mixture of a neuro-diverse cast of characters, fun/serious story moments, and the action-filled combat of dark fantasy, that it’s okay to to be in touch with your emotions about stuff.

Generations after failing to stop a great evil from conquering their home, a long-forgotten Hero awakens as a skeletal Undead in a world that has lived with the consequences of his actions.


With the help of a powerful Necromancer, the Hero ventures forth to return the champions of old to life and finish what they started so long ago in a story of darkness, grand adventure, grim determination, and healing.


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