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Marabelli: A Scoundrel's Tale

In the aftermath of a royal coup, Princess Luciana and her mute companion, Rune, set sail on a quest to save the world from an ancient, oceanic tyrant. With few options to turn to (very VERY few), they enlist the aid of the "Great" Rhymark. A (formerly) world-renowned sailor/treasure hunter who enjoys such hobbies as abandoning responsibilities, lying, petty theft, MASSIVE theft, and also actually sailing.

The voyage of a Princess ready for adventure, an exhausted Swordboy, and a Captain on the hunt for the only thing that matters. Treasure!


Exploring characters with stories filled with betrayal, loss, pride, terror, and a deep longing for something to fill the void of a home lost to the raging tides. Plus terrifying sea monsters, ghost ships, mermaids, evil himbos, pirate queens, and all the wonders the Marabelli has to offer!

A shipwrecked beach proves one thing all sailors know by heart. Even torn sails can carry a ship home.

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Accidental Gehenna

Life is a Journey, and Death is Coming Home.

Try not to get lost on the way back.

Generations after they failed in life to stop a great evil from conquering their home, Garm, a long-forgotten Hero, awakens as a skeletal Undead in a world that has lived with the consequences.

With the help of his necromantic guide, Leyna, they venture forth to return the champions of old to life and finish what they started so long ago in a story of darkness, grand adventure, grim determination, and healing.


In Development

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