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Marabelli: A Scoundrel's Tale (MAST) is a sunny, oceanic adventure that dares to ask the question “what if an irresponsible, seafaring ne'er-do-well stopped being a walking disaster for literally just long enough to go on a life-changing journey with surprising depths that’s fun and delightful at every turn?

The kind of whirlwind fantasy tale we know, with two heroic children
(a princess and a commoner swordboy) on a quest to save the world. But chaperoned by a (formerly) world-renowned sailor/treasure hunter who enjoys such hobbies as abandoning responsibilities, bragging, committing tax fraud, actually sailing, improper finance management, committing regular fraud, overconfidence bordering on active hubris, cheating at cards, lying, petty theft, MASSIVE theft, etc.

We’re going to have silliness and fun while seriously exploring characters with stories filled with betrayal, loss, pride,t error, and a deep longing for something to fill the void of a home lost to the raging tides. Then also throw in terrifying sea monsters, ghost ships, mermaids, evil himbos, pirate queens, a princess ready for adventure, a mute swordboy, and a madcap voyage across the beautiful seas. Also in general, we’re gonna constantly hit your emotional kneecaps with a SAND ANCHOR when you least expect it.

A disreputable, fortune-seeking rogue finds himself entangled in the voyage of a headstrong princess and her mute protector as an ancient evil returns to the seas.

A story of adventure, ancient leviathans, and a home found among the waves.


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